Tax Management Services
Our comprehensive tax planning and preparation services help you make expert financial decisions. Tax Smart Services,LLC, uses the most current information on tax law to help you meet and maintain your financial goals. We bring our knowledge, experience and analysis skills to provide our clients with the best decision-making strategies for minimum tax liability and maximum cash flow.

Accounting Services

Tax Smart Services, LLC, provides full accounting and reporting services to assist our clients with accurate record-keeping. We maintain general ledgers and prepare financial statements, provide monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services, process payroll, set up and support accounting systems, prepare financial statements, budget and forecast cash flow, set up and maintain employee benefit plans, and prepare corporate tax returns. We provide all the tools a business requires to make sound financial decisions.

Advisory Services

We focus on developing and maintaining close relationships with each of our clients. We create strong financial strategies by analyzing your existing business procedures, and provide suggestions to improve business efficiency. Among the services we offer, entity selection and restructuring, selection, implementing and support of business accounting software, business valuation, advice on debt and finances, projection and forecasting, business succession, and structuring and negotiating business transactions.

Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting

Tax Smart Services, LLC, provides the services required to quantify economic loss or damage, analyze financial records, and investigate fraud or theft. When your business encounters commercial litigation or financial investigation, or when faced with dissolving a business or marriage, or if you’re dealing with a bankruptcy, we offer all the professional assistance you need to sort through and make sense of your financial records.

IRS Representation

Our experienced and professional representation provides complete support to you throughout a state or federal tax audit. Tax Smart Services, LLC, gives you peace of mind with our professional responsive service. We thoroughly answer your questions or concerns while guiding you through all your interactions with the IRS.


Tax Smart Services, LLC, organizes and simplifies your daily bookkeeping tasks and responsibilities so you can maintain accurate records on a day-to-day basis while still giving you all the time you need to focus on conducting your business.

Entity Selection and Restructuring

Tax Smart Services, LLC, gives you the advice you need to determine your current business entity type. As your business grows and changes, a restructure may give you a tax and liabilities advantage. Tax Smart Services, LLC, provides expert advice on how best to restructure your business entity.

QuickBooks Accounting Help and Assistance

Tax Smart Services, LLD, guides you through using QuickBooks to your best advantage. We provide

  • personal training to individuals or groups, at your place of business
  • installation of the applicable mode of QuickBooks accounting software on individual or networked computers
  • assistance to new users with personalized set-up
  • assistance to experienced users to improve their existing software set-up
  • installation, set-up and on-going operational support services
  • assistance with accounting and payroll
  • professional weekly, monthly or annual reviews of your business transactions, accounts and reports
Computer Consulting

Our consultants perform competency audits on your existing computer system,  support you in the selection and installation of appropriate system upgrades, and help with any new network and hardware purchases. Tax Smart Services, LLC, helps maximize your company performance potential while staying within your budget.

Payroll Services

Tax Smart Service, LLC, develops and implements computerized payroll systems to greatly reduce your payroll administration time. Our system is designed to support payroll processing and payment, while simultaneously easing company tax return preparation.

Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis

Tax Smart Services, LLC, provides comprehensive budget analysis to maximize the cash flow of your business. We source your revenue and track its use to forecast and rebalance your budget. Analyzing your revenue and expenditures helps increase the level of cash flow and optimizes your company’s ability to succeed. When your business experiences major structural changes, we will guide you through them to help ensure its future success.

Debt and Finance Advising

Tax Smart Services, LLC, provides expert business and personal debt management and financing advice. We can show you the best ways to save money, re-balance your debts for lower repayments, reduce your interest payments, and save on your tax deductions. Tax Smart Services, LLC, extends professional debt and finance advice to individuals and corporations.

International Taxation

Tax Smart Services, LLC, extends expert assistance to both businesses and individuals who are navigating through the many government policies of cross-border taxation. We provide professional taxation support and advice to U.S. residents working abroad and to foreign citizens working in the U.S. and to businesses operating overseas or dealing with foreign workers in the U.S.A.